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Thursday, January 6, 2011

20/20 Naptime

I have noticed one particular special child in my class that has a new pair of glasses and a strange habit....His swanky new bifocals have already been repaired twice in the one month that he's owned them. Right before nap each afternoon, he finds a special spot to rest his new eyewear in our "home center" kitchen. I shall post these daily when possible. Don't be surprised if on somedays you see mac-n-cheese smeared on he rarely catches food in his mouth as much as he wears it.
I have 15 four year olds in my Pre-K class that at times make me want to jump off the highest points of the playscape if they yell "Ms. Shauna" one more time. Then there's the dreaded day of graduation where I live on the verge of tears for the week leading up to it. Following graduation two years ago I made the mistake of going out to eat to "celebrate" my children moving on to Kindergarten. I was puffy eyed and dripped the elevens down my nostrils the entire meal. I shall not make that mistake again moving forward. These children are my heart and MY pains in the ass.